Full Name:  Alora Skye
Height:  5'5"
Species:  Ultimarian
Age:  27

Occupation:  Atumatai Trader and First Mate on the Phoenix Rising


Alora's Character Sheet.


Alora is both clever and adaptable, able to solve
complex problems.  She is also kind and
compassionate with a very big heart.  Always a
bit of a free-thinker, but also  overly dramatic. 
Even when the mood doesn’t call for it.


Alora was born in a rural area on the grasslands outside of Ultimare’s capitol city.  She describes much of her young life as being “very lonely”, since there wasn’t many children her age in her area. Because of this, she has a long standing fear of being left alone or abandoned.

At age 17, she joined the Atumatai Traders, a guild of merchants and cargo transporters where she was assigned to work manual labor aboard the Phoenix Rising, a ship commanded by Kyjja Bredrit, one of the youngest captains of the fleet at the time.  The two quickly became friends and Kyjja realized that her talents were being wasted doing grunt work. She was intelligent and capable enough to do more important tasks, so he put her in charge of taking inventory.

Alora and Aredon first met at a birthday party that was thrown for Kyjja. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but the two had common interests and decided that they wanted to get to know each other better.  Over the next few months, the two fell in love and neither have had eyes for another since then!

She is fiercely loyal to the Atumatai Traders, Kyjja and the crew of the Phoenix Rising and has stuck with them through some very tough times.  She has always been highly respected by the other members of the ship, who often look to her counselling and advice even though she strongly believes that she’s not very qualified at doing so.

In the last year, Kyjja promoted her to first mate on the Phoenix Rising after the previous first mate transfered to another ship.  Whenever she is on a trade run, she is now almost always seen by his side helping with the manifests, taking inventory, trading snarky comments back and forth with him and just generally running a tight ship.  She claims that Kyjja wouldn’t even be able to keep his head screwed on straight if it wasn’t for her. (although Kyjja might say otherwise)

Relationships With Other Characters

  • She is Aredon’s girlfriend.  The two are very affectionate and loving towards each other, but since they
    both have demanding careers, they aren’t together as much as they’d like to be.
  • Aredon and Alora met through Aredon’s brother, Kyjja who happens to be the captain of the Phoenix
    Rising, the cargo ship that Alora works on. Her and Kyjja are very good friends and act almost like
    brother and sister (which results in a few jokes that make Aredon uncomfortable).
  • She knows Ao, the leader of the Atumatai Traders well but only because Kyjja is so high in the ranks
    that he interacts with him and takes orders from him almost daily.
  • She has a mother, father and brother. All of which are still living.
  • She is good friends with the members of the Imperial Suns.  She has taken a special liking to Shae
    because he always makes her laugh.
  • Deren had a small crush on her when he met her the first time.
  • Alora strongly dislikes Rahst and his cronies for their hostility towards Aredon.
  • She is disliked by the employees of Durastar, a Mican company that specializes in computer parts
    because a trade deal with the company went South.