Homeworld:  Syaloria
Average Height:  6'7"
Life Expectancy:  95 years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Quagga


Azeicku Species Sheet.

Azeicku are the equine natives of Syaloria, a moon that orbits the gas giant, Aedai.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Azeicku resemble bipedal quagga (a subspecies of zebra that is extinct on present-day earth, but efforts to bring this species out of extinction were successful).  Their bodies are a rusty ginger-tan color and covered with short, velvety fur.  Their chest, stomach and insides of arms and legs are white while their heads are dark brown with distinctive white stripes along the sides of the head, on the shoulders and on the forehead.

They have manes of hair on their heads.  This hair can be any color that human hair can with red-brown, ginger and auburn being the most common.  Black hair is rare among the species and blonde even more so.  The tuft of hair at the end of the tail is ALWAYS the same color as the mane.  Their eyes have the pupil shape of a horse.  The iris of the eyes can be gold, brown, mohoghany, russet or a dark grey that looks almost black.

Their build is powerful and muscular yet slender at the same time.  Females are much shorter than males and have mammaries.

Azeicku SocietyEdit

Widely regarded as being "space hippies" or "moon-brains", the Azeicku are known to be environmentalists and pacifists.  Most detest violence and would rather use their wits to get out of sticky situations.  They are very gentle in nature and revere the natural world with great admiration.

They are highly social and form tight companionships with members of their own species.

Member of this species make fantastic environmentalists, shamans and explorers.  They can also be good traders and merchants.  It is rare for an Azeicku to overcome their peaceful nature, but those who do can be okay warriors and pirates. 

Azeicku tend to make lousy miners.

On their homeworld, they live in small communities either built in open fields or in the underground cavern systems of their homeworld.

Sex and ReproductionEdit

Azeicku are relatively open when it comes to mating.  While they can and do choose lifemates when they are older, many young-adult Azeicku are more than happy to have multiple sexual partners which only helps to further their stereotype as 'hippies'. 

The gestation period for a female is 11 months.  Females will give birth to live young.  Multiple births (twins or triplets) are almost unheard of.  Azeicku children develop at a similar rate to human children.


All Azeicku are vegitarians.  Many are tried and true vegans.

They cannot eat meat even if they wanted to, since their bodies are unable to properly digest it.  If they consume large quantities of meat, it can actually poison them.

Names and LanguageEdit

Most Azeicku speak galactic common.  Their native Azeickaclor language is lost to all but a few scholars.

However, names have been passed down throughout generations, so most have Azeickaslor names.  These names are very soft sounding and usually begin with a vowel.

Examples:  Aelasu, Ilo, Riri, Tyani, Eilai

Rules for Azeicku CharactersEdit

  • Naturally colored Azeicku only! I don't want to see any sparkle-Azeicku running around!
  • For personality inspiration, look to the hippies of the 1960s or the ancient druids.