Full Name: Rahst Blacksun
Height: 5'11
Weight: 157 lbs


Age: 29
Occupation: Leader of the Tao Guard and Brigadier General in the Imperial Navy


Raht's Character Sheet.

Physical Appearance

Rahst has a handsome face with high cheekbones and angular features. His hair is swept backwards in a series of long, thin dreadlocks while he has a soulpatch goatee on his chin. Hie eyes are an intense baby blue that seem to pierce through somebody with their gaze.

His build is slender but reasonably muscular, which is surprising because he spends a lot of time trying to get out of doing military drills and exercises. He always wears black and grey. His clothing usually consists of a form fitting t-shirt and pants as well as a pair of gloves and boots. He can wear a leather pilot's jacket.

He carries a slim pistol and is usually accompanied by Dread, his spikecrest sersol.


Rahst is a beautiful boy. Unfortunately that beauty is only skin deep.

As a person, Rahst is not "evil"... he's just pretty messed up. Due to his tragic childhood, he has no understanding of the concept of showing empathy towards others. He is self-righteous, arrogant, and only seems to care about himself. He is manipulative, patient, vengeful and cunning... if he doesn't like you or feels like you have insulted him then he will find ways to make your life a living hell. He may not do it right away, but at one point in your life he will make you pay for what he feels you've done to him.

He spends a lot of time grooming and keeping a "presentable" appearance. Women-folk swoon over him, but he is a total womanizer and won't hesitate to have a one night stand with a woman then drop her like a sack of moldy potatoes.

One who knew his past would almost feel sorry for him if he didn't do some very despicable things. He behaves the way he does due to his insecurities as a person. He hates Aredon because he sees his friendships with others and the fact that even though he did not gain his high rank through "traditional" means, he is still highly respected in the military and is jealous of them. This is something that he will never admit to.

'Backstory:' ' Rhast was the only child of billionaire Andrus Blacksun, CEO of Centuritech, Ultimare's leading producer of computer broadcasting modules and cybernetics systems. His father wanted to give Rahst everything that he did not have as a child, so he spoiled Rahst and neglected to teach him the values of hard work and ethics. When Rahst was 19, he was drafted into the Ultimarian Navy. Although his father could have easily bought him out of service, Rahst said that he wanted to go. He told everybody that he wanted to serve his planet, but in reality the idea of potential power intrigued him. All throughout bootcamp, he behaved like a whiny prima donna. He would not show up for drills and excercises, he mouthed off to his superious and was generally disliked by everyone. He was only allowed to stay in the Imperial Navy because he blackmailed his superiors or had his father pay them off. Shortly after Rahst graduated from boot camp, his father died from medical complications. Rahst exploited legal loopholes to seize his father's entire fortune. Because of this, he is not on good terms with his mother as she was left with nothing. The two have not spoken since. Rahst immediately used his new fortune to buy his way through the military ranks. When somebody could not be bribed, he would wither dig up dirt on them to blackmail them with or would outright make up lies about them to get them fired. Due to some string pulling with the military research unit and Centuritech, Rahst was drafted to the Imperial Suns by Drast, much to Aredon's annoyance. He served with the Suns for a year until Aredon publicly discharged Rahst for his actions on a recent mission. Supreme General Drast, the head of the Ultimarian Navy, began taking a liking to Rahst. He overlooked Rahst's questionable ethics as long as he got the job done. He allowed Rahst to create a small group of soldiers under his command as long as Rahst stayed loyal to only him. Rahst isn't particularly happy to be serving anyone else but himself, but he stays under Supreme General Drast's command, looking for any opportunity he can to betray the Supreme General and take his position. The Imperial Suns have always just seen Rahst as an annoyance. They have no idea what sort of treachery he is actually capable of. This may be something that they learn the hard way... Tao Guard