Full Name: Markus Shaenna
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 186 lbs
Species: Ultimarian
Age: 30
Occupation: Gadgets and Explosives expert for the Imperial Suns.


Shae's character sheet.

Physical Description:

Shae's appearance is based off of the internet personality, The SpoonyOne

He has a broad face, a large "Roman style" nose with an arched bridge and a wide smile with perfect teeth. He is light skinned, but has a slight tan. His body is powerful and muscular, but he is big boned, so he appears to be more muscular then he actually is.

His hair is dark brown. It is cut about an inch or two below the nape of his neck and is worn in a center part. He doesn’t have any facial hair, but he is lazy about shaving so he can be drawn with a 5 o’clock shadow or with medium stubble.

His face shape is round with pronounced cheekbones. His cheekbones are especially prominent when he’s smiling. Shae’s face is very expressive. When he’s showing any sort of extreme emotion, his expressions are almost comedic no matter what emotion he’s conveying.

He has scars on his wrists from where he cut them. Looking at those scars fills him with sadness and shame. He is still intensely sad about what he’s done and has never fully gotten over his depression. More then once he has sat alone in his bedroom, looking at his scars and cry to himself. Sometimes tries to hide them by wearing gloves or wristbands. As for tattoos, there is a small tattoo of a sun on the back of his left shoulder. It actually has nothing to do with the Imperial Suns. He had gotten that tattoo the year before he was drafted into the military. It had no personal meaning at the time, but he sees it as a sense of pride for being in the Suns. When he’s wearing a tank top it just barely peeks out.


Street clothes usually consist of loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt. The t-shirt may have a humorous saying or something nerdy on it. When he feels the need to dress up a bit more, he will wear a button-up shirt with a plain white t-shirt underneath it.
His professional clothing can include khaki or black pants with a form fitting t-shirt or tank top. The shirt will always be a solid color, usually black, grey or grey-blue. When dressed like this he will almost always have gadgets strapped to his body in any place he can. Legs, torso, arms, etc.
Underwear is usually black boxer-briefs.

His goggles are ALWAYS worn when he’s in military dress. He wears them on his head and will only pull them down over his eyes when he requires eye protection (igniting explosives, etc). When he’s in casual dress he can be drawn either with or without his goggles.

He only carries weapons when he’s dressed for work. He does carry a small pistol as a backup for his protection, but he hates guns and would prefer not having it. He prefers his explosives and anything remote controlled. He appreciates the mechanical beauty behind guns, but would rather have a more utilitarian weapon or gadget to use in combat.


Shae is a genius. He is by far the smartest member of the squadron (And I‘m not saying that lightly because there are some pretty smart guys on his squadron), but only seems to remember things that he cares about. He may seem a bit “nutty”, but in reality he knows exactly what he’s doing. When he’s around his friends he’s very easygoing and fun-loving and would do almost anything for them. He tends to be charismatic both towards friends and strangers, and is generally well received and liked.

He tries to be a good, moral person. Outside of war, he will try not to harm others, but sometimes he can be inconsiderate of others without realizing it because he thinks of things in his own head and doesn‘t realize the impact that what he says has on others.

When it comes to controlling his emotions, Shae often has a hard time doing so. He is prone to sudden outburts of emotion, especially when things don’t go his way.
He also has a difficult time controlling his junk food intake and will sometimes skip a meal if he feels like he’s eaten too much junk food.

He is a bit of a goofball and appears to have a zest for life. However, Shae does have a certain amount of darkness to him and one of the reasons he is a goofball is to deal with his emotional insecurities and social awkwardness. He is deeply ashamed of his past suicide attempt and will sometimes look at his scars and cry when he is alone.


The early part of Shae’s life wasn’t anything abnormal. He grew up in a middle class family with his mother, father, and older brother. His father was self employed as a mobile heavy equipment service technician. Shae would often watch his father work at home in his garage, which is where he got his understanding of machinery and technology at an early age. His father never actively tought him anything, Shae would just learn by observation.
He had always dreamed of being a mechanical engineer so at school, he would take as many shop or trade classes as he could. He was always at the top of his class in these classes, but cared very little for any other class. After graduation, he attended a prestigiousTechnical Institute. The same one that his father attended.
His life was turned upside down when he turned 20. His home sector, the Jochheon sector, was one of the few planetary sectors on Ultimare that enlisted a draft after the beginning of the war. He was drafted into the Ultimarian navy. He had to quit school when he was drafted and felt like his hopes and dreams were circling the drain, so he fell into a deep depression.
At the darkest time in his life, he felt like death would be his only way out of the military. One night when he was alone in the bunks, he cut his wrists with a razorblade. It was a fleeting moment of desperation where he grabbed the nearest object that he could to end his life. When he saw the blood on his wrists, he realized what he was doing, and that he didn’t want to die. A trip to the infirmary saved his life. They also put him on suicide watch and mandatory counselling. While Ultimarians can heal wounds so there is no scarring, the nurse did not treat his scarring so that he would always have light scars on his wrists to remind him of what he‘s done and not to do it again. He dedicated his life to being the best soldier he could be and to serve his planet with pride. He felt like life was worth living, and even though his life wasn’t going where he planned, he should deal with what has been given to him.
Over the years, Shea climbed the ranks of the Ultimarian Navy until he was hand picked by Aredon Bredrit, leader of the Imperial Suns, a small platoon of elite soldiers that were under the direct order of the Ultimarian Emperor himself. He is the platoon’s gadget’s expert - the rest of the squad come to him if they need something blown up or high tech gadgetry.


By profession, Shae is a gadgets expert. He invents and puts together different forms of weaponry and gadgets for the team. He creates specialized gadgets for the team depending on the missions that the Suns are running. He especially enjoys building anything explosive. In attitude, he is just a big kid who has never grown up and still plays with toys… but now his toys are deadly explosives.

Outside of the military, Shae is a hardcore gamer. He loves to play violent video games or puzzle games. He sometimes plays roleplaying games with his geek friends, but rarely gets a chance to do so anymore due to his career. The games that he plays are like D&D, but using cool holograms and intelligent dice. He tries to cook, but often fails miserably with humorous results. Sometimes writes stories for graphic novels or screenplays though he never lets anybody read them since he feels insecure about his writing.

Relationships With Other Characters...


Shae and Aredon are best friends. They deeply care for each other as "brothers at arms" and Aredon knows more about his past then anybody else. Shae will often come to Aredon for personal advice or just when something is bothering him and needs somebody to talk to.


Shae and Liah's relationship is complicated to say the least. The two share a deep emotional bond and are pretty much inseperable. Shae obviously has deep, romantic feelings for her, but Liah sees them as nothing more then kindred spirits and very good friends.


Shae's girlffriend. While he does love her, he has been wondering for a long time if they really are "right" for each other.


He can’t stand that obnoxious little daddy’s boy! Rahst annoys him to no end. Shae and Rahst's moms were friends when the two were growing up. One of Shae's guilty pleasures is to call Rahst "Loveybooble", which was his mom's pet name for him. This usually sends Rahst flying into a fit of rage.


He finds himself constantly competing with her to bring new technology to the military. She has outright stolen his ideas in the past and won’t hesitate to play dirty when it comes to competing with Shae.


Shae's older brother and good friend.