DelsaySystem copy

The Delsay System.

The Delsay system is the star system that houses the water planet, Nirayuskwar. It contains 7 planets.

Some Random Things about the system:
* Thruryn is cool looking. I’ve always pictured it being a deep cinnabar color. It wouldn’t be a fun place to visit, though. Going there would be like walking around on a slightly hotter version of Mercury.
* Deelm’s surface has a lot of silver and copper ores. The Niray mine the surface themselves and won’t let any outsiders set up mines.
* Nirayuskwar, homeworld of the Niray is completely covered in water save for a few small rocky islands that dot the surface. The Niray build cities for air-breathing offrworlders on said islands.
* Nirayuskwar has a warm climate. It does have polar ice caps, but not as large as those found on earth.
* Havarthr and Lerzil, the system’s two gas giants are known as the “Twin Planets” because they are nearly identical in size - slightly smaller then Saturn.
* Ackaneck is named for the Inuit god of water who creates the waves with his movements. Since the denizens of the Azure Wheel universe has no knowledge of Earth cultures whatsoever, it most likely means something else in the Niray language.
* Aukaneck is a ball of ice whos innermost core is a thick layer of rock with a ooey-gooey molten center. Its core is hot enough to melt some of the ice, so beneath Aukaneck’s thick ice crust is a thin layer of water. No scientists have been able to make it through the ice to see if there is life in the water. (OOC note - There is life in there, but only a few microbes)
* Aukaneck also has an atmosphere, but it is very, very thin.
* Aukaneck has no moons. [1]

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