Homeworld: Aw'vor
Average Height: 6'8"
Life Expectancy: 180 years
Species Status: Open

Earth Species Evolved From: Doberman Pinschers that guarded the science labs of the human settlers.


Denaq species sheet.

Denaq are regarded as being the "librarians" or "recordkeepers" of the Azure Wheel Universe and are responsible for keeping tabs on all semi-evolved species in the galaxy. When a sentient reaches a certain point in their evolution, it is the Denaq who approach them and ask them to join the Galactic Alliance.

Physical Description

Denaqs resemble Space Anubus (Anubi?). Their forms are primarily that of bipedal canines. They have short fur with a velvet-like texture and heads that resemble a cross between that of a doberman and a jackal. They have thin tails and digitigrade legs. Both genders have a "mane"... which is very much like human-like hair.

Both genders, especially those with recordkeeping positions, will usually dress in long robes. What we consider to be "street clothes" is not popular among this species... even among youth. Young, unmarried Denaq will usually dress in brighter colors and patterns then older, married ones.

Most Denaq are completely black but roughly 10% of the Denaq population has either white fur or white hair. Completely white denaq are rare. Black furred Denaq have black skin, noses, and inner ears while white-skinned Denaq have pink skin, inner ears and noses.

Eye color can be blue, green, yellow, or orange.

Intelligence and Mental Health

Denaq are a very scholarly species that prides themselves on intelligence and knowledge above all else. They can also be a very creative-species. Think of their culture as being a more futuristic version of the Itialian Rennaisance.

They naturally prize knowledge and are curious about anything and everything. They make excellent scientists, artists, philosophers, scholars, professors, archaeologists, writers or doctors.

Other races see their culture as being very dry.

Sex and Reproduction

Denaq mating rituals are very similar to that of humans. They will often pick lifemates, but it is not a requirement for sex or breeding. They do have sex for pleasure and not just breeding purposes. Males have canine-like genitalia... not that me telling you that should matter since there shouldn't be any naked pictures of my species or characters running around.

They give birth to live young. Usually one child at a time but twins or triplets are possible. They tend to not like the idea of multiple births as to them it is like an animal giving birth to a "litter".

Baby Denaq are always born with black eyes that will fade to their natural eye color within three months. They mature at the same rate as humans and can usually walk and talk within a year.

From birth, Denaq parents give their offspring toys that are mentally stimulating so they can begin to grow, learn and expand their minds.


Denaq are completely omnivorous and can pick and choose their diets much like humans can. Unlike several other species in the Azure Wheel Universe, Denaq can survive without eating meat so vegitarianism is possible among them.

They love sweet fruits that are native to their homeworld.

Denaq and the Lifestream

Denaq tend to be very spiritual beings. While sometimes science-minded, most Denaq do believe in the Lifestream. Like Ultimarians, there are Individual Denaq that have connections to the Lifestream.

These individuals are known as "Heeuntaith", and their powers are usually limited to scrying, soothsaying and fortunetelling although they can have a power that grants them empathy towards life.

Denaq Names

Denaq Names are very soft-sounding and are meant to be meaningful. Usually they are words in Denaqui, the Denaq native language.


  • Ashranath
  • Aleemith
  • Kimylia
  • Liassa