Homeworld:  Tathaine
Average Height:  4'5"
Life Expectancy:  75 years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Unknown Gecko


Makuni - Species Sheet

Physical Appearance

Small biped reptillians from the arboreal planet, Tathaine.  Makuni stand about four and a half feet tall and have lightly muscled bodies.  They are covered with scaly skin, emerald green in color with bright yellow stripes on the forearms, chest, forearms, torso and thighs.  

While the Makuni have some mammalian characteristics, such as being warm blooded and giving birth to live young, females do not have breasts and newborns do not suckle.

The back of their heads are covered in fleshy 'mock-foliage' that begins to form their trademark leafy back and tail at the base of the neck.  This foliage is dark blue-green in color and fades to the deep green of the back and tail.

Their leaf tails are not actually leaves, but instead a thin, fleshy membrane or skin.  Their tails have earned the species several nicknames including  “Fern Tails”, “Walking Flytraps” and “Sentient Vegetables” (although the two latter names are highly offensive to this species).  They are thought by some to have evolved from the carnivorous plants of their homeworld, but it has scientifically been proven that the Makuni are indeed reptillian.

Their eyes are catlike and orange in color.   

Species History

While they are not one of the five elder races that founded the Galactic Alliance, the Makuni
have been part of the Alliance nearly since the beginning.

Shortly after joining the alliance, the Makuni entered a heavy industrial age in which most of
their homeworld's forests and jungles were cleared to mine minerals and resources as well
as making room for cities. Destroying the forests unleashed a deadly virus which killed over
two thirds of the Makuni population. Fearing that they were punished by their gods for
destroying their homeworld, they reverted back to their naturalistic roots and now live in
peace and harmony with the forests of their planet.

In modern times, the Makuni are highly dependant on other members of the Alliance to
provide them with anything technological as the Makuni are against any heavy
industrialization on their homeworld.  In turn, the Makuni will trade for animals and livestock,
exotic fruits, medicinal plants, spice, coffee beans and other resources only found on Tathaine.

To those dealing in illegal merchandise, Tathaine is a haven as this planet is native to the
Sintara plant, which is refined to make the drug known as “Booster Red”.

Makuni Society

The Makuni both work and play hard, dividing their energy and
time equally between survival and leisure.  The Makuni are
very trusting and are eager to make new friends.  However, they
can act with an almost feral ferocity when they or their trust have
been abused.

The Makuni also appreciate beauty and have strong values towards
art in any form from visual art to music to theatre and acting.
Artists, musicians and actors are highly prized in their society.

Sex and Reproduction

Makuni choose lifemates and they remain fiercely loyal to their partner even after death.  Divorce rates among this species are very low as they will choose their life partner very carefully and will wait decades for their 'soulmate' if need be.

Females give birth to live young that mature at about the same rate as humans.


The Makuni are primarily insectivores, but will also eat sweet, juicy fruits and occasionally poultry, waterfoul and eggs.  They don’t usually care for red meats and most are lactose intolerant.

Names and Language

Makuni speak Maahlah’kuu, but many of them
speak Galactic Common as well.

Maalah’Kuu can best be compared to the
Quechua languages that are spoken in South
America. Their language only uses three vowel
phonems; “A”, “U” and “I”.  It is a difficult
language for non native speakers to learn as
different stresses on different syllables can
completely change the meaning of words.

Examples of Names:
Kuna, Maia, Wasipaq, Quntin, Nuqa, Pura,
Iskay, Urak, Miski

Rules for Makuni Characters

  • Makuni cannot be differently colored or albino.  Such mutations would not last long in the Tathaine forests as they wouldn't have proper camoflauge.
  • Makuni are near-technophobes.  While they can use guns, starships and other pieces of technology, they do not manucafture their own and all technology is acquired by other species.  Makuni cannot be of any profession that relies completely on technology, such as a factory worker or computer scientist.