Full Name:  Noria Jauntine
Height:  5'7"
Age:  30
Species:  Skylion
Occupation:  Monk


Noria - Character Sheet


Kind-hearted and in harmony with
the world around her.   She is very
self motivated, but tends to keep
her personal opinions to herself.
She has a hard time adapting to
any new situation.


First, a little bit of backstory about Skylion warrior monks since they are a little different from the stereotypical monks that people often think of.  Skylion monks aren’t necessarily poor.  Like with most living in Skylion culture, their wealth and rank are dependant on their family’s social status.   It is very possible that a Skylion monk can be very wealthy and even own large properties.

Skylion monks are also allowed to marry and have families.  And yes, Skylion women can be monks.

All Skylion monks follow strong codes of discipline and learn ancient forms of martial arts that were originally learned by early monks as a measure of self defense to protect their monasteries from
bandits and invaders.  They never take pleasure in violence towards others and will always seek out other forms of self defense before engaging in a fight.  There are many sects of Skylion monks and they usually (but not always) follow one of the major Skylion religions.

Noria’s story is pretty typical of many Skylion monks.  She was born in an area with high poverty  to a poor farming family.  At age six, she told her parents that she wanted to join the monastery because “She wanted to learn”.

Since then, Noria has been a highly respected member of her monastery.  She is looked up to as a wise teacher by the children of the monastery.