Star map of the Saa System.

The Saa system is the star system that houses the planets Assari and Crimson. It contains six planets total.

Random things about the Saa System

  • The purple nebula in the picture is actually there, but it's less pronounced then the picture shows.
    * Crimson is a gas planet, but it is hardly a giant. Seriously - all the other gas giants laugh at it and call it a runt.
    * Two of Crimson's moons (Kiken and Uo) are livable but just barely.
    * Tsao-Kozi is a white gas giant. It has pale gold-colored rings as the rocks that make up the rings have a high amount of gold ore in them. Needless to say that there is quite a bit of mining going on in the area, but it is highly regulated by the Alliance. There are regular patrols in the area for illegal mining operations.