Full Name:  Sayuki Yokota
Height:  5'7"
Species:  Uhamera
Age:  36
Occupation:  P.R.O.S. Agent


Sayuki: Character Sheet


Sayuki is aloof with a cynical sense of humor. 
She is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to
the paranormal, her peers considering her
theories on the worlds beyond the physical
universe being creepy and farfetched.
She is very kind to others and sometimes
lets her personal feelings cloud her judgement.


Sayuki’s experience with the occult began during her college days.  While she was going to school to become a special agent, she worked as a security guard to help pay for school.  In one of her nightly rounds, she came across a malevolent creature devouring the body of a student,  The creature did not resemble any alien sentient or animal in known existence.  It was all black with glowing eyes and a high back with protruding spikes.  When she shone her flashlight on it, it disappeared into a cloud of mist.  While the agents that interviewed her tried to convince her that she didn’t see anything, she knew what she saw.  This sparked an obsession with the supernatural.

She has found an outlet for her inquisitiveness of the unknown with her occupation at the Karat Sector’s division of P.R.O.S.  (Paranormal Research of the Occult in Space), which is a small agency with headquarters in most habitude systems owned by members of the Galactic Alliance.   They specialize in researching unexplainable events in the galaxy, taking priority in cases that other have claimed to be the result of supernatural forces at work.  They also take special interest in unusual activity surrounding black holes, wormholes, comets, quasars, neutron stars, black dwarves and “spiritual rifts”.

Sayuki’s personal research is usually derived from the idea of demonic forces and/or evil spirits residing in an alternate dimension parallel to the material plane.  She theorizes that stellar phenomenon, such as black holes could potentially be a gateway that link the two dimensions together.   Her specialty is her research into the Scions of Chaos, a group of six demonic princes of ancient Ultimarian folklore as well as the “Keepers”, who are evil spirits that guard cursed objects.

Even several of her colleagues at P.R.O.S. regard her theories as being “far-fetched” and implausible, earning her the nickname “Scary Sayuki” among her peers.  This usually ends up leaving her work partner very embarrassed since they often see him as an extension of her research.