Sector:  Farway Kahan
Star System:  Norrana
Atmosphere:  Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients:  Makuni


Planet Thathaine

The Makuni homeworld, Tathaine is encircled by impressive ice rings (much like our
Saturn).  These rings are a rich blue-green color and form a beautiful band across the
sky that can be seen almost anywhere on the planet’s surface. On the planet’s equator,
these rings appear as a thin blade of light that reaches up into the sky.  The native Makuni
lovingly refer to the rings as “The Great Cutlass” and have lots of religious symbolism
that surrounds them.

The surface of Tathaine is a greenhouse world like prehistoric Earth that is covered
with sprawling jungles, rainforests, deserts and swamps. The cities that tha Makuni live in
are considered primative by the standards of most other races, but thes cities often have
impressive spaceports and bazaars.

Although Tathaine lacks the mile-high trees that planet Kalgea has, it still boasts a wide
variety of exotic plant life.  Most notably the large carnivorous plants.  There are stories of
these plants growing to massive sizes in the deep jungles.  Including whispers of some
varieties that are large enough to eat humandoids.  But such tales are likely stories made
up by explorers with overactive imaginations? Right?