The Liara System.

The Liara system is the system that houses Aw'Vor. It contains six planets total.

Random Facts:
* That purple nebula really is there.
* Gha’ir’oel is made up of mostly sulfur and sulfur compounds from the active volcanos dotting the planet’s surface. This is what gives the planet it’s marbled yellow and orange color. Needless to say that this is not a friendly planet and it would take a heavily armored space suit to be able to explore it.
* Gha’ir’oel’s moon, Noniba is egg shaped and made of mostly iron.
* Wrath actually has an atmosphere… a very thin one but an atmosphere nonetheless.
* Wraith is a pale blue color and has a ghostlike appearance, hence the name.
* J’eress reminds me of some sort of raspberry candy.