The Ultimarians have always been a peaceful race. In the past, they fought only to defend their allies from invaders and pirates. They were on good terms with the other races and there was no need for war.

The Othoth were a neutral race of amphibeous humanoids well known for being merchants and traders. They were not part of the Galactic Alliance, but they were on good terms with the other races and interacted with them almost daily.

And then Judgement came...

The Othoth attacked Ultimare without warning, provocation, or mercy. Their initial attacks were on Ultimare itself, destroying entire sectors of the planet. The hardest sector hit was the Alderia sector, which was the neighbor sector of Akrian, which housed the Ultimare capitol city of Trides. It was clear that Trides was going to be their next target, but for some reason or another they just didn't make it there.

The results of these initial attacks were nothing short of total devistation. Millions of Ultimarians died in these first attacks. This launched Ultimare into a full scale war for their survival against the Othoth. This is the first war the Ultimarians had directly fought.

The Emperor sent his two youngest children, Himnare and Tetra, to two different planets for their safety. They would be raised safely and far away from the fighting. The rest of the imperial family was killed, leaving Ultimare without an Emperor.

And they could only ask.... "Why?"

Nobody knew why the Othoth attacked since there was seemingly no reason behind it. Any Othoth captured during the war either weren't talking or they just didn't know why they attacked.

Some overly religious individuals claim that the Othoth had lost their connection with the Lifestream and this drove them to total insanity.

Some believed that the Ultimarians had built military bases on Othoth sacred ground.

Others still believed that it was a war over resources - that the Othoth wanted to level Ultimare to take their minerals.

For the record, I know exactly why they did it, but I ain't telling. It would be a huge spoiler for a part of the story I will eventually tell.

The Destruction of Basteth

For millenuim, the outpost colony on Basteth had been a mining and trading outpost for Ultimarian merchants. It was a major hub for their economy and commerce. Shortly after the war began, the Othoth attacked this outpost and completely obliterated it. This was a major blow to the Ultimarian economy and trade system. From this point on, the Ultimarians struggled, fighting a losing battle in the war.

But their strength and resolve pushed them on, even though they knew that they would most likely end up losing the war.

Himnare Returns

Three years into the war, the now 17 year old Himnare started grouping Ultimarian outcasts around the outlaying planets into a small strike team of rebel soldiers. They began picking off small Othothian outposts on other planets, gaining more members and setting up a strategic position.

By the time Central Othothian forces knew what was Himnare was doing, it was too late.

The battle that turned the tides of war was the battle of Siefdar station. Himnare and his team invaded a huge Othoth space station and taking it over. It was here that he saved the life of Aredon Bredrit, who was scheduled for execution. Aredon pledged his life to Himnare for saving his life. The two became quick friends, and Himnare promoted him to General and allowed him to head his own squadron. Aredon hand-picked 15 soldiers for his squadron and named them The Imperial Suns, a homage to Himnare.

With the Suns and Emperor Himnare leading the troops, the Ultimarians were able to herd off all Othoth forces, ending the war within a year.

The Aftermath

After the war, Himnare was crowned the new Emperor and he allowed the Suns to stay his own personal military unit.

Even though the war was over, the results were devistating. About 1/5 of Ultimare's population was killed during the war. Entire sectors were destroyed and now overrun with criminals. It would take a lot of rebuilding to bring Ultimare to it's former glory. And there would be tough times ahead for everybody....