The Tian wars predate modern records, so all that is known about them has been passed down through thousands of generations or have been pieced together from spotty ancient records.

The Spaceborn have not always been the peaceful and wise race that they now are. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, they were violent warriors. At the time, the only other spacefaring race were the Tiatiem. The two races were at war over territories for thousands of years. More often then not, the Spaceborn would attack Tiatiem territories, claiming them as their own.

This eventually lead to the extinction of the Tiatiem race and the Spaceborn were the sole space travellers of the Azure Wheel Galaxy for a time.

The Spaceborn homeworld, Aankaris, was an ancient world. It's sun died out, leaving the Spaceborn homeless. They were forced to find new homes, either on outposts on other worlds or in space stations orbiting planets. This gave them the nickname, "The Space Born".

A few generations of living amongst the stars mellowed them out, making them more peaceful. When other planets gave way to sentient species, the Spaceborn would guide them to the stars and teach them their technology.

The Spaceborn are credited with the invention of hyperspace travel and the formation of the Galactic alliance.

A few stubborn outposts of Spaceborn remain to this day. They still believe that they are the superior race of the galaxy and all other races of sentients are lesser creatures. These spaceborn are increasingly violent and will attack any other sentient race that they see.