Full Name:  Tirya Je'chtai
Height:  5'6"
Species:  J'warril
Age:  29
Occupation:  Cylor's Assassin


Tirya: Character Sheet.


A cat of little words.  She despises being
the center of attention.  She is dismissive
and has difficulty expressing herself.
When she is interacting with others, she
is brutally honest and blunt.
Fiercely loyal to Cylor and the Void.


Tirya was born into a family of J’warril immigrants to the Alderia sector of Ultimare.  
Her mother was an anthropology professor at the local university while her father was a shipwright. Her family was considered to be very high class during the days before the Ultimarian/Othoth war.

Like most who survived the destruction of the Alderia sector, Tirya’s family did what was necessary to survive.  Unfortunately, this included Tirya’s father borrowing money from The Void, a criminal organization ran by Cylor Nall, the ruthless gangster.  In the  months
afterwards, Tirya’s father took to heavy drinking.  He was killed in a bar fight, so the void saw that it was only fitting that the debt be passed to Tirya and her mother.

While Tirya and her mother worked hard to pay off their debt, they could never earn enough to pay off the loan with interest.  In order to pay if off, the Void captured Tirya and employed her as a waitress at the Ankh, the casino owned by the void.

During one of Tirya’s long night shifts, a drunken patron at the bar made sexual advances on her.  When she tried to get away, he pulled out a knife and attacked her.  In self defense, Tirya was able to kill him with her own claws.

Cylor, who was watching the incident from a VIP lounge was impressed with this display.
Instead of punishing her, he offered to have her trained in martial arts and melee weapons by his bodyguards.

Since then, she has been Cylor’s personal assassin and head bodyguard.  It is her duty to discretely eliminate any threats to the void, whom she has become fiercely loyal to.  She has also grown to love Cylor.  There are rumors that the two were lovers for a time.